The Path of life…

If I could somehow take away your fear and replace it with strength to carry you through the years, I would.

            You would no longer be afraid of tomorrow, no matter the depths of your sorrow.


If I Could protect your heart from ever being broken, I would place it safely away.

            But then you’ll never experience true love


If I could make it so you would never cry again, I would.

            But then you’ll never know the tears that joy brings.


If I could make it where you would never experience the storms of life, I would.

But you would never appreciate the good days after the bad days are gone


If I could take sadness our of your life, I would.

But then, You would never know what happiness is all about. You would never be grateful for what you do have.


Because I can not do those things and I’m glad that I cant, I’m sure you’ll do like you’ve done, by putting one foot in front of the other and pressing your way forward.

remember, no one said this path called life would be easy.


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