I’m alone 😔

This weekend I had nothing to do. I waited for a text. From anyone. To do something, anything. None came. I waited for a call. None came. Couldn’t my family even call me? Nope. I had nothing to do with anyone. I sat on my couch and tried to relax but
my thoughts turned dark like they do when I’m suddenly aware of my alone-ness.I begin to wonder if I have anyone who cares for me. I start to count them and then find reasons that none of them actually care. I mean, if They did, would I really sit here and question it ? no one cares, And never will. I wish I could say I’m exaggerating about my thoughts but I’m not. They actually go there. They actually get that dark and desperate.

Love is hard, you find someone, who seems so perfect has all the right qualifications , you seem to meet theres, and then suddenly they are gone . but you still see them. how do you cope with this? how do u handle these type of situations. do u continue to be friends? do u walk away? or do you just let God Take over. is it the feeling of just making time pass or do they keep you because they care and love you.i will never know this because they don’t speak from their heart. I give my all and I get none in returns . they give 20% and I expect more and I get flipped on.

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